Film depicting massacre of Shiites, Hazaras in Pakistan wins best film award in Turkey

“Night Flight”, a short film displaying the massacre of Shiites and Hazaras in Pakistan won the best short film award at an international festival in Ankara, Turkey.

The film narrates the hardships of the family of a Hazara victim in the bloody attacks of 2015 and 2018 in the city of Quetta, depicting the pain and suffering faced by the Hazaras as a result of targeted attacks.

Between 2018 and 2015, Pakistani Hazaras, most of whom live in the city of Quetta, witnessed deadly attacks in which hundreds of people were killed. Most of these attacks were carried out by extremist groups, including Lashkar Jangavi and Lashkar Tayyiba.

Hussain Ali Yousefi, the leader of the Pakistan Hazara Democratic Party, was also assassinated in one of these attacks in 2019 by Lashkar Jangavi. Previously, this short film was nominated in two international festivals in Baku and Istanbul.

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