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According to international organizations, food insecurity rates to rise in Yemen by next year

The Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) said in its November 2023 analysis on the expected needs for emergency food aid in countries covered by the network that the food insecurity crisis in Yemen would worsen next year, with an additional one million people added to the list of those in need of food aid by May 2024.

It added that by May 2024, between 18 and 19 million people will need urgent food aid in May 2024, compared to 17 to 18 million people in November this year.

At the global level, the network pointed out that Yemen will remain at the top of the list of 31 countries covered by the network in terms of the number of people who need humanitarian food assistance by May 2024, with 19 million people, followed by Ethiopia (17 million), Nigeria (14 million), Sudan (11 million), and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (10 million).

The network added that Yemen and South Sudan will record the highest rate of those in need of food aid from the total population, as 55% of the population in each country will need assistance by May next year, followed by Somalia, Sudan, and Afghanistan at 25%, then Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Haiti at 15% of the population.

It pointed out that (the deterioration of economic conditions, the shrinking of income-earning opportunities, the rise in prices of basic food and non-food items, in addition to the reduction of humanitarian aid), all of these factors will lead to the continuation of the state of food insecurity at the crisis level (stage three of the phase-based classification) among millions of people throughout Yemen.

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