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Junta army captures 15 Myanmar villagers to use as human shields amid seven-day raid displacing thousands of villagers

Junta troops arrested 15 people and displaced more than 10,000 during raids in northern Myanmar, Free Asia reported today.

Around 130 troops entered Sagaing region’s Tabayin township on Thursday, prompting more than 10,000 people to abandon some 10 villages in the area.

Soldiers captured 15 people remaining in Shan Taw village to use as human shields, according to locals, and raided and burned down homes in Boke Htan village, roughly two miles away in the same evening.

The troops have been razing parts of western Tabayin township since Saturday, when another 10,000 villagers fled.

Throughout October, junta troops have conducted several devastating multi-day raids through Sagaing region’s southern townships.

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