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Residents of Iraqi city of Mosul celebrate reopening of Prophet Seth Mosque

The residents of Iraqi city of Mosul have celebrated the rebuilding and opening of the shrine and mosque of Prophet Seth, son of Prophet Adam (peace be upon them), which was completely destroyed by ISIS terrorists in 2014.

Shia Waves Agency followed the ceremonies and celebrations of the reopening of the blessed mosque and shrine, and the performance of prayers and worships the people of the city established.

The people expressed their great joy at the reopening of the mosque and shrine, which witnessed the worst crime carried out against the Islamic sanctities in Iraq by terrorist groups during their control of Mosul.

The terrorist organization (ISIS) in 2014 blew up the shrine and mosque of Prophet Seth (peace be upon him) in Mosul, among a number of historical shrines and mosques in the city, including the historic Al-Hadba Mosque.

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