Islamic Book Fair (2023) in Indonesia concludes its cultural activities

The Islamic Book Fair (2023), an annual exhibition organized by the Indonesian Publishers Association (IKAPI), has concluded its activities in the Indonesian Capital, Jakarta, with the participation of large numbers countries that stressed the need for promoting the Islamic culture and thought in the life of human societies.

The twenty-first Islamic Book Fair in Jakarta this year carried important titles and slogans, most notably the great Muhammadian Ethics and the achievements of Islamic culture worldwide.

The Islamic Book Fair hosted (71) publishing houses, (33) multi-product companies, as well as pavilions for media, art and literature.

The president of the association Hikmat kornia commended the “success of the activities of this conference, which witnessed an active presence of authentic Islamic culture,” while emphasizing the importance of “eliminating illiteracy in the Islamic community.”

He added: “We, as Muslims, need to make people literate about everything related to the life of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him and his family, and introduce his honorable biography and great morals to the world.”

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