US Department of Agriculture warns of decrease in global wheat production next year

In its new monthly report published in July 2023, the US Department of Agriculture warned about the decrease in the production of agricultural products in the world.

With growing concern about the future of food security, the United States Department of Agriculture says 796 million tons of wheat are expected to be produced worldwide in 2023-2024. World wheat production this year will not grow significantly compared to the previous year and will reach 796 million tons in 2023 from 788 million tons in the previous year.

In a report on the state of grain production and trade in the world, the US Department of Agriculture has predicted that China’s wheat production in the current crop year will face growth compared to the previous year. China will be the largest wheat producer with 140 million tons, followed by the European Union and India as the second and third with 138 and 113 million tons, respectively.

Russia, United States, Canada, Australia, Pakistan, Argentina, Turkey and Ukraine will also be ranked 4th to 11th. It is predicted that the wheat production of Russia, which is involved in the war in Ukraine, will decrease by 10% in 2023 and reach 85 million tons. Ukraine’s wheat production will also decrease by 21% and will reach 16 million 500 thousand tons.

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