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More than 2000 service Mawakib, 200 mourning groups settled in Holy Karbala

The Hosseini Rituals and Mawakib Department of Abalfazl al-Abbasi Shrine announced the number of processions that participate in providing various services to pilgrims during the month of Muharram.

The number of Hosseini Mawakib inside the old part of Karbala and around the two holy Shrines has reached 600, said Aqeel al-Yaseri, the head of this department.

He added: There are about 1,500 Mawakib that are stationed in the neighborhoods and roads outside the city, as well as the connecting routes between Karbala and the provinces of Baghdad, Najaf and Babil.

al-Yaseri further noted: These processions provide all kinds of services to Hosseini mourners during the first ten days of Muharram within their geographical area of presence.

Imam Hussein Holy Shrine’s news website also quoted al-Yaseri as saying that all necessary permissions have been granted to 200 Zangirzani and mourning groups in Karbala.

He added that the holy shrines will be open from 8:00 am to 2:00 am to receive these mourning groups according to the specified times, so that all pilgrims can easily visit the holy shrines of Hazrat Abbas and Imam Hussein (peace be upon them).

It should be noted that the announced figures are only related to officially registered Mawakib and bases, and do not include hundreds of others that are operating and serving pilgrims without official registration, or those still being created.

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