British documents says sky rained blood on Ashura of Imam Hussein

Shia Muslim and non-Muslim bloggers re-shared on social platforms a photo of a historical document included in a world-famous book, confirming that on the tenth day of Muharram for the year (61 Hijri), the sky rained blood and everything turned red.

Shia Waves Agency followed what the bloggers and activists said on social networking sites, who confirmed that what happened on the afternoon of the tenth day of Muharram was great in the sight of Allah (SWT), when the Prophet’s grandson, Imam Hussein, peace and blessings of Allah be upon them,, was killed.

This historical document, found in the book (Chronicle of the Anglo-Saxon Era) and translated and revised by Michael Swanton, was published in Britain in the year (1996) and reprinted by the University of Exeter in the US state of New York in (1998).

In the thirty-eighth page of the book, it is stated that “in the year (685 A.D), which corresponds to the year (61 Hijri), the sky rained blood, and milk and butter turned into blood or turned red.

This historical document supports the honorable narrations on the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, his family and companions (peace be upon them) on the land of Karbala, when the sky rained blood.

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