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Shia Rights Watch calls on Saudi authorities to stop anti-Shia violations

The Shia Rights Watch (SRW), a non-profit NGO that defends the rights of Shias around the world, has called on the Saudi authorities to stop their new harassment campaign which they launched to target Shia citizens as the month of Muharram is drawing near.

The organization said in a statement received by Shia Waves Agency that it “received authentic reports proving the return of the Saudi authorities sectarianism-based policies by harassing Shia Muslims ahead of the month of Muharram, following a limited leeway on religious freedoms for the past months.”

The SRW expressed in the statement “its deep dissatisfaction over these human rights violations which contradict the policy of moderation the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced.”

The organization called on the ruling regime to immediately stop these ill-considered measures, calling for more public and religious freedoms which do not violate local or international laws and maintain unity of the national social fabric.

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