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Tunisian protesters demonstrate against political arrests

Tunisian protesters took it to streets to declare their solidarity with political prisoners linked with the “conspiracy against the country’s security” case.

According to Arabi21 news outlet, the protesters, including the leaders of the National Liberation Front, the Ennahda Movement and the Republican Party, along with Tunisian lawyers, carried pictures of political detainees linked to the so-called conspiracy case, chanting slogans such as “freedom, freedom” and “go, go” You are defeated”, referring to the Tunisian president, Qais Saeed.

The protesters also demanded early elections.

“The detainees are under great oppression and have been in prison for several months on false charges.” Said Ahmad Najib Al-Shabi, head of Tunisia’s National Liberation Front.

He added, “We will continue our actions until all prisoners are released. Our presence in this rally is to declare solidarity with them.”

In response to the decision to prohibit the media from publishing news about the controversial case, he commented: This is a strange decision and an invalid action, which is not possible to implement as free people adhere to freedom of speech.

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