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Mesbah Al-Hussein Foundation proposes a motion to Iraq’s government to create orphans care committee

The Mesbah Al-Hussein Foundation for Relief and Development, one of the Shirazi-affiliated active civil organizations in Iraq, has presented a proposal to the Iraqi government to create a committee to provide services for the orphans in the country.

The Foundation’s proposal comes in line with the current Martyrs and Political Prisoners Foundations.

The proposal is the first of its kind in Iraq, which took the experts at the Foundation two years and a half to draft and is represented by “The Charter for Protecting Iraq’s Orphans”.

The Foundation’s director, Hujjat al-Islam wal-Muslimeen Sheikh Mustafa al-Muhammadi, said in a statement to Shia Waves Agency today Wednesday that, “The proposal took the Foundation two years and a half to complete its largest national and strategic project “The Charter for Protecting Iraq’s Orphans”.

Sheikh Al-Muhammadi added that, “The study included providing database, statistics and information on 7 Iraqi provinces, as a sample on which the results in the study were based.”

It should be mentioned that this project is based on the directives and recommendations of the Supreme Religious Authority, Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Sadiq al-Husseini al-Shirazi, who repeatedly calls for serving the orphans of Iraq and elsewhere.

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