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Imam Hussein Museum receives rare copy of gold-made Noble Quran

The Imam Hussein Museum has received a copy of the holy Quran adorned with diamond and gilded with gold, silver and copper.

The Noble Qur’an was gifted by one of the Shia devotees of AhlulBayt, peace be upon them.

The head of the museum, Ghassan Al-Shihristani, said in a statement followed by Shia Waves that, “The Qur’an is made of 21 copper plates, mixed with 18/24 karat gold and gilded with a 1.5 kilograms of silver, in addition to 1.5 karat of pure diamond.”

Al-Shihristani pointed out that, “Four kilograms of gold were used in this copy, which was written by the world calligrapher, Othman Taha.”

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