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Nonviolence Organization issues message on Int’l Day of Living Together in Peace

 On the “International Day of Living Together in Peace”, the world Nonviolence Organization (Free Muslim) issued a statement in which it called for reflecting over the harm caused to humanity by conflicts, wars and rivalries between individuals and peoples on the planet, based on commandments of Heavenly messages, man-made norms and laws, as well as their harmony with the common human sense.

The Organization warned in its statement received by the Shia Waves Agency that “the involvement of major countries in a dangerous war coordinated for an unprecedented escalation since the Second World War, threatening the survival of all humanity in the event that this war develops into unconsidered levels.’

It pointed out that ” the Russian-Ukrainian war has become a serious vertical division between the great powers that threatens the international community, indicating at the same time that the conflicting parties relied on selfish decisions emanating from individualistic vision that does not take into account the security and safety of humanity, and does not take into account the scale of the disaster in the event of any further development.”

“Along with other organizations celebrating this International Day, the organization strongly calls on Western countries to return to dialogue and give priority to the overall interest over the categorical and regional interests,” the organization said.

The Free Muslim reiterated its calls for” working to stop the ongoing war and work towards peace and solving problems in accordance with sound visions to avoid armed confrontations, ” stressing the importance of seeking diplomatic alternatives.”

The international community has recognized the sixteenth of May every year as the “International Day of Living Together in Peace”.

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