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Hujjat-ul-Islam Sayyed Ali Talaghani meets Ayatollah Sayyid Hossein Shirazi

Hujjat al-Islam Seyyed Ali Taleqani, one of Iraq’s most famous religious speakers met with Ayatollah Seyyed Hossein Shirazi, son of the Supreme religious authority – Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Sadegh Hosseini Shirazi (may Allah prolong his life).

In this meeting, which took place on Sunday in the holy city of Qom, the two sides discussed current world issues, including the latest developments in the Islamic world and Islamic countries.

Hujjat al-Islam Seyyed Ali Taleghani is one of the prominent speakers in the Arab World, whose speeches are enjoyed by millions of Arabic-speaking audiences on social-media platforms.

Unlike traditional speakers, Seyyed Ali Taleghani is more in touch with the young generation, students and university professors, and adjusts the content of his lectures to meet the needs of this segment of society.

It should be mentioned that Hujjat al-Islam Seyyed Ali Taleghani had met with the Marja’iyah on the same day.

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