US: Milwaukee city hosts first Ramadan Halal Suhoor Festival with high Muslim turnout

Milwaukee, the largest city in the US state of Wisconsin, hosted a Ramadan Halal Suhoor festival, with the participation of a number of food trucks.

US media outlets, followed by Shia Waves Agency, stated that “a large number of Muslim families came to participate in the Halal Food Festival that is held in the city of Milwaukee and is concerned with preparing suhoor food for fasting people.”

The outlets added that, “The idea includes trucks gathering to distribute Suhoor food, in the garage of the Islamic Association in the city.”

This festival is “the first of its kind” to distribute free suhoor to Muslim families, to celebrate their fast.

A number of Islamic societies and young volunteers from school and university students are participating in the festival, while more than a thousand people from Milwaukee, Chicago and Madison have attended this festival.

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