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Karbala Center for Studies and Research publishes second edition of ‘Maqtal Al-Hussein’ book in English

The Karbala Center for Studies and Research, affiliated to Imam Hussein Holy Shrine, has issued a specialized scientific book in two parts under the title “Maqtal Al-Hussein” by the late author “Abdul Razzaq Al-Muqram, and the book has been fully translated into English.

The 282-page first part of the book studies the reasons and motives behind Imam Hussein’s uprising against injustice and oppression that prevailed at his time, and the chronological stages that led to this uprising.

The second part of the book, which is of 396 pages, studies the journey of Abi al-Ahrar “peace be upon him” to Iraq, and the places that he honored in this journey until his arrival in the land of Karbala.

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