Prominent Shia cleric denounces inadequate government policies and their harm to Pakistanis

Prominent Pakistani Shia cleric, Sayyed Shaheen Shah Hussain Al-Naqawi, has expressed his displeasure at the dire economic situation in Pakistan, which has caused harm to the people.

Media outlets followed by Shia Waves News Agency, said, “Al-Naqawi received, at his residence in the city of Karachi, the head of the Council of Muslim Scholars, Sadiq Al-Jafari, and his accompanying delegation.”

The media sources continued, “The meeting discussed various local and national issues,” adding that Al-Naqawi commented on the current situation, and stressed that “the rulers of all countries must use their relations to deal with the growing concerns and difficulties in the world at the international level.”

Al-Naqawi said, “People today face many problems, as unemployment, economic inflation and terrorism, which have made their lives very difficult,” adding that “the leaders of political parties and the current rulers are not serious about facing such challenges.”

Al-Naqawi explained that to face such challenges, “awareness must be raised about the importance of education within society, since knowledge leads to development that achieves a stable economy and prosperity for people.”

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