Symposium on promoting Quranic studies for women in India

The Center for Quranic Studies at Aligarh University in India organized a webinar on “Promoting Quranic Studies for Women”.
The experts participating in this symposium discussed “the importance of reciting the Noble Quran,” “learning the rules of reciting the Qur’an,” “understanding the interpretation and the reasons for the revelation of the Quran,” and “following the instructions and rulings of the Quran.”
During his speech at the symposium, Maulana Gerges Karimi, a researcher in Islamic sciences, said: “Every believing Muslim hopes to obtain divine satisfaction by reciting the Holy Quran and adhering to its meanings.”
The teacher of the Islamic Sciences School of Aligarh Islamic University in India, Maulana Tariq Ayobi, spoke during his speech on the webinar on increasing Islamic awareness among women.

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