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Hundreds of thousands sign Blair’s equestrian order for his involvement in war crimes in Iraq

More than 450,000 Britons have signed, as of Monday evening, calling for former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s knighthood to be rescinded over his role in the Iraq war.
Local newspaper Express reported that the petition demanded that Queen Elizabeth II withdraw the knighthood awarded two days earlier to Tony Blair.
The Queen of Britain issued a knighthood – the highest and oldest in the United Kingdom, with which an official title is given – to former Prime Minister Tony Blair, which sparked public anger.
According to the Express, it is not necessary for the Prime Minister or Parliament to approve this award.
The petition called for Blair to be held accountable for war crimes after the 2003 invasion of Iraq, rather than awarding him the knighthood.
The petition urged British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to address the Queen to withdraw the medal she awarded two days ago to Blair.
The petition accuses Blair of causing the deaths of countless innocents, civilians and soldiers by dragging the United Kingdom into various conflicts, and considers this reason enough to hold him accountable for war crimes.
Britain sent – in 2003 during Tony Blair’s term – 45,000 soldiers, along with 130,000 from the United States, to invade Iraq, claiming that it possessed weapons of mass destruction.
In 2016, the former British Deputy Prime Minister (John Prescott) admitted that his country violated international law when it participated in the invasion of Iraq, following an official report that criticized the decision and said that it was based on misleading information.

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