Parliamentary project calls for the signing of the Charter of Principles in France to be mandatory

Five MPs from France’s Republican Party have introduced a bill aiming to “make the signature of the Charter of Principles of Islam in France mandatory for all mosques in France.”
The law also proposes “closing any mosque in case of refusal.”
According to the French proposal, mosques should adopt the Charter of Principles of Islam in France, and “Those who do not adopt this charter are punished with administrative closure or suspension of building permits for those under construction.”
In a preamble explaining the reasons for this law, the MPs indicated that “the Charter of Principles of Islam in France was established after a speech by French President Emmanuel Macron,” which was “not signed by nine associations” in France, as only five of the nine associations in charge of mosque affairs in France signed the law.
The MPs added in the proposal that it is necessary to impose the supremacy of the laws of the Republic over religious laws. It is appropriate to compel all mosques to adopt the Charter of Principles of Islam in France. This is the only solution sufficiently effective to ensure the absence of political Islam in France.
France has recently witnessed the dissolution of many Muslim associations in the country, with several allegations and accusations.

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