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Grand Ayatollah Khorasani: Revive the Fatimid Days and feed the poor in honor of Fatima al-Zahraa, peace be upon her

The religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Hussein Waheed al-Khorasani, called for the revival of the Fatimid Days by recalling the oppression of Lady Fatima al-Zahraa, peace be upon her, as well as feeding the poor and orphans in her honor.
In his speech on the painful occasion, His Eminence said, “The means of livelihood have become scarce and difficult for many poor and afflicted families, and they need a helping hand,” calling for “helping them and feeding them with the love of Lady Fatima al-Zahra, peace be upon her.”
Sheikh al-Khorasani stressed the greatness of the revival of the painful Fatimid days, and “introducing the virtues of the Lady of the Women of the Worlds, peace be upon her, and the honoring of her divine position to keep her memory alive in the souls.”
The Grand Ayatollah called for “holding religious gatherings and organizing mourning processions, as well as holding ceremonies during the great Fatimid days in order to revive them.”

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