Malaysia heading towards attracting halal trade in the world

Malaysia has been working for decades to become a global pole for the production and distribution of halal products, through the formulation of specific policies and plans.
According to statistics, the number of Muslims in the world has reached one billion and 900 million, as they spend $2.02 trillion to purchase halal goods, which include services in the field of food, tourism and other things.
One of the most important reasons for the growth in demand for halal products is the growth and increase in the number of Muslims in the world, as specialists expect that the percentage of Muslims will equal the percentage of Christians in 2050 and exceed the number of Christians in 2070.
The second reason is related to the improvement of the financial and economic situation of Muslims, which led to the demand for halal Islamic tourism and consequently the increased demand for halal foods in non-Islamic countries.
A senior official in the Halal Development Organization in Malaysia, Adly Muhammad, said that halal businesses cannot be managed by one person, and they need the support of the government, banks, producing companies and other sectors.

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