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Five people killed in a shooting attack and 4 explosions in the city of Jalalabad, eastern Afghanistan

Afghan media confirmed that 5 people were killed in a shooting attack, while 4 explosions rocked the city of Jalalabad, the capital of Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan.
Tolo News channel reported that a group of gunmen opened fire in the area of the border forces base of the former government, killing 3 people.
At the same time, separate areas of the city witnessed 4 explosions, killing two people and wounding 3 others.
The channel indicated that the target of the attack has not yet been revealed and no party has claimed responsibility for the operation, while the Nangarhar state authorities confirmed that all the dead and wounded were civilians, and none of them belonged to the Taliban terrorist movement.
The province of Nangarhar is the largest stronghold of ISIS Khorasan State, which is considered a sworn enemy of the Taliban movement.

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