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Afghanistan’s Taliban Prohibit Girls From Attending Secondary School


Teenage Afghan girls weren’t allowed to return to school on Saturday as classrooms across the country reopened for the first time since the Taliban took power last month, raising fears that their new fundamentalist government will permanently ban secondary education for girls.
The absence of teenage girls in classrooms, while their male peers returned, followed a decree issued by the Taliban on Friday ordering male students and teachers to return to high schools and religious seminaries.
The statement from the ministry of education didn’t mention girls, amounting to a de facto ban for now on them going to secondary school. The Taliban terrorists have allowed girls up to sixth grade to attend school, but they will be taught in separate classrooms from boys.
Some private universities have also been allowed to open classrooms for girls, though most female students appear to be staying home out of fear. Afghanistan’s universities are regulated by a separate ministry from the ministry of education.
The news raises fresh fears as to how the Taliban will treat Afghan women.

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