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11 Taliban militants killed in an ambush in Baghlan, northern Afghanistan

Eleven members of the Taliban terrorist movement were killed, and others were wounded, as a result of clashes with the resistance forces in Baghlan, northern Afghanistan.
Mujahid Andarabi, one of the residents, told Sputnik that the clashes took place with the resistance forces in the Paskandi district of Andarab district, north of Baghlan.
Andarabi, a resident of Andarab, sent photos and information that the Taliban had suffered losses in the clashes.
He added, that the resistance forces ambushed the Taliban forces.
Meanwhile, an unnamed commander of the resistance said in a video message, “We were well equipped in the Panjshir and Baghlan valleys, and any opportunity would be taken to attack the Taliban.
Panjshir province, which is located north of the Afghan capital Kabul, has become a haven for thousands of people who want to join the resistance movement.

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