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Women protest against Taliban’s terrorist government in Afghanistan

Dozens of women in Kabul and the northeastern province of Badakhshan protested against the formation of the Taliban, a terrorist provisional government made up of men only to rule Afghanistan, while the European Union accused the movement of reneging on its promises.
The protestors said they would not accept a government without female ministers.
According to reports, some of the women were beaten before the protest was dispersed.
The local news organization, Ettelaat, confirmed that some of its journalists were arrested and beaten because of their coverage of the march.
The Taliban terrorist movement, which did not respond to the allegations, warned that the protests were illegal.
It stated that the protestors needed permission to participate in the march and should not use what they described as offensive language.
Three people were killed on Tuesday during a protest in the western city of Herat.
The European Union said the Taliban had reneged on promises to make their government “inclusive and representative,” while the United States expressed concern that the interim government included figures linked to the attacks on US forces.

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