After lifting Covid-19 restrictions, the largest towns in England witness the launch of a massive Ashura procession

The Lancashire Telegraph reported that a large crowd of Ahlulbayt followers in Blackburn, UK, went out in the first Shia mourning procession in honor of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, since the lifting of the Covid-19 restrictions, pointing out that the procession was considered the largest and attracted large numbers of residents of the town.
The newspaper said in a report, “The mourning procession began on Sunday afternoon from the Shia Islamic Center on Preston Road, heading to Addison Street and along Devon Port Road.”
It added that “the procession continued for an hour, and some roads were closed to facilitate the flow of mourners.”
During the event, blacks banners were raised and some rituals including chest beating were done, in presence of a number of clerics who gave an explanation to non-Muslim citizens about the importance of this procession and the painful incident of al-Taff.”

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