International organizations call on America to stop illegal attacks and air raids outside the battlefield

A wide range of human rights, religious and peace groups from the United States and around the world have called on US President Joe Biden to end deadly US strikes outside recognized battlefields or the use of drones.
In a letter sent to Biden, 113 groups confirmed that the attacks were illegal and were the basis of “eternal wars.” The groups said, according to the Voice of America website, that the attacks inflicted losses on Muslims and people of brown and black skin.
The organizations stressed that it is time to “chart a new path forward to enhance and respect our collective human security” as the twentieth anniversary of September 11, 2001 in the United States approaches.
In their letter, the groups noted that the presidents demanded unilateral authority to allow clandestine extrajudicial killings outside any recognized battlefield, without meaningful accountability for the unlawful deaths and missing and injured civilians.
The deadly strikes program is a cornerstone of the broader US approach to war, which has led to wars and violent conflicts, hundreds of thousands of deaths, including massive civilian casualties, and the displacement of large numbers of people.
The Voice of America indicated that Biden, like other American presidents, adopted the use of armed drones, to reduce the possibility of American losses.

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