Imam Sadiq Foundation, peace be upon him, in Copenhagen celebrates the birth anniversary of Imam Redha, peace be upon him

The Imam al-Sadiq Foundation, peace be upon him, affiliated with the Shirazi Religious Authority in the Danish capital, Copenhagen, held a joyous celebration on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Imam al-Redha, peace be upon him.
The celebration was attended by a number of male and female believers from the Muslim community residing in Denmark, and a number of distinguished speakers participated in the commemoration.
The event included a variety of activities, including a recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, a lecture in the Danish language, a lecture by Sheikh Saeed al-Ahmadi, and a participation in English with the youth Hussein Zaher Al-Khafaji and Mullah Muhammad Mustafa al-Hakim.
Holy shrines, Islamic centers, mosques and Husseiniyahs in various parts of the world witnessed the organization of religious and cultural events on the auspicious birth anniversary.

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