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Senate delays consideration of bill to repeal Iraq war authorization

A Senate committee has postponed consideration of a bill to repeal war authorizations in Iraq for at least two days, after a group of Republicans on the committee lobbied for the delay.
According to The Hill, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will not consider the bill on Tuesday, as it was originally scheduled, because of the Republicans’ request to postpone it.
It is unclear when the bill will be considered, but the committee has already approved a standby meeting on its schedule for Thursday.
The delay comes after five House Republicans requested a public hearing with the secretaries of defense and state, as well as a classified briefing with those administrations and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence before the committee voted to revoke the 1991 and 2002 permits.
The Senate’s move came after the House of Representatives voted last week to repeal the 2002 mandate.
Supporters of repealing the mandate assert that the Iraq war licenses have served their purposes for a long time, and that keeping them on the books makes them vulnerable to abuse of executive power.

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