Shia Rights Watch condemns Saudi Arabia’s execution of Shia detainee on sectarian and political grounds

Shia Rights Watch condemned in the strongest terms the Saudi authorities’ execution of a Shia detainee on a sectarian and political grounds that violated all international laws with this crime.
A statement by the organization, received by Shia Waves, stated that Saudi Arabia implemented a verdict that is the strangest of its kind in the world when one of its courts, which lacks legal and Sharia standards, issued a death sentence against a young man.
It added, that a Saudi court convicted Mustafa Al-Darwish, who had arrested a minor for participating in some of the popular movement’s activities in Qatif in 2015, before issuing a death sentence against him. According to activists, the Presidency of State Security prevents Mustafa Al-Darwish’s family from opening a WhatsApp group to receive condolences and imposes complete silence on them under threat and intimidation.
The organization called on all human rights and legal organizations to condemn this crime and add it to the record of ongoing crimes committed by this brutal authority.

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