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Shias of Madagascar revive the demise anniversary of the late Sayyed Muhammad al-Shirazi

Ahlulbayt followers in the Republic of Madagascar have revived the twentieth anniversary of the demise of the late Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad al-Husseini al-Shirazi, may Allah bless his soul.
Ceremonies were held at Lady Umm al-Banin Center, which is affiliated with the Religious Authority in the city of Majunga. It was attended by a group of followers of Ahlulbayt, peace be upon them.
A lecture was delivered on the blessed biography of the late Shirazi authority, including his role in championing and spreading the doctrine of the People of the House, peace be upon them, and his Encyclopedia on Jurisprudence.
The event also touched on the role of the late religious authority against tyrants and his calls to rule according to the approach of the Noble Messenger and the Commander of the Faithful, peace be upon them.

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