SRW: Saudi authorities commit new massacre against the Shias of Qatif

SRW: Saudi authorities commit new massacre against the Shias of Qatif


Saudi authorities have committed a new massacre in the Shia-majority Qatif region, targeting a number of people for what it called “terrorism”, Shia Rights Watch International Organization said.

The organization said in a statement, quoting informed sources, that Saudi security forces carried out the death penalty in cold blood to eight young men after raiding their homes in the town of Sanabis island of the Qatif region, leaving huge destruction in public buildings and private properties.

The forces raided a number of houses before firing a barrage of bullets and explosive devices at the buildings where the protesters had taken refuge, according to eyewitnesses. They did not care about the safety of the residents and the right of what they described as a fair trial.

The organization stressed that the massacre is a continuation of the arbitrary approach practiced by the Saudi authorities against dissidents and protesters demanding freedom and democracy, while at the same time adding to the record of Saudi Arabia in the violation of human rights.

Shia Rights Watch condemned in the strongest terms the abhorrent massacre, calling on the international community to take action against the grave human rights violations committed by the Saudi authorities.

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