Southern California Muslims “optimistic” about the coming of the month of good deeds and are preparing to open their mosques

The administrations of eighty mosques in Southern California, USA, are preparing to open their mosques to worshipers and devotees in the great month of Ramadan, while taking the necessary preventive measures, a significant improvement from the previous year when houses of worship were shut down as the coronavirus pandemic intensified.
“We are excited that we have been working for months in preparation for the observance of the month of obedience,” Yusef Shaker, a member of the board of directors of the Jamali Mosque, which is affiliated with the Shia Bohra sect, said in a press statement followed by Shia Waves.
“Instructions for social distancing, sterilization, and wearing masks will be followed so that people can prevent the spread of the virus,” Shaker said.
Muzammil Siddiqui, the imam of the Islamic Society Mosque in Orange County, explained that “the current month of Ramadan will miss the group iftar meals, as the believers will break their fasts at home and go to mosques to perform prayers and worship.”
He added, “The necessary health measures will be taken to maintain the safety of the worshipers,” noting that “the month of Ramadan sends a message of hope, and it does not only mean abstaining from food and drink, but also self-restraint and sympathy for the poor and needy.”
He pointed out that “fasting teaches us patience. We fast together as a single Islamic community, and this is what brings love, harmony and care for each other.”

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