Scotland: Muslims hope that covid restrictions will be eased for Ramadan

Muslims in Scotland have expressed their hope to ease restrictions imposed to confront the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the upcoming great month of Ramadan so that they can perform their rituals in mosques.
The pandemic crisis began before last year’s Ramadan in Scotland, where protocols were imposed to prevent gatherings, including gathering in mosques and places of worship, in order to prevent the spread of the virus.
The Muslim community in the Scottish city of Dundee hopes to reopen the mosques in mid-April, after the issuance of new protocols allowing gatherings of no more than 50 people in places of worship.
Last Wednesday, a Scottish court issued a ruling authorizing the opening of places of worship, including mosques, and described their ban as illegal.
The director of a mosque in the Scottish city of Dundee, said that he is optimistic about allowing mosques to operate in the coming month of Ramadan after easing restrictions imposed to counter the outbreak of the Coronavirus, saying that he is grateful for the government to ease the restrictions before Ramadan.

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