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British newspaper: The Pope’s visit to Najaf is a message to the world that this city represents the center of moderate Shiism and its capital

The British Independent newspaper confirmed that the visit of the Pope Francis to the holy city of Najaf represents international and regional recognition that it is the capital of Shiism in the world.
In a report published in its Arabic edition, the newspaper said that the Pope’s visit to Najaf and his meeting with the religious authority, Sayyed Ali al-Sistani, is a clear message to the world and the Middle East, that this city represents “the center of moderate Shiism and its capital.”
The head of al-Mowja Center, Yasser Makki, told the newspaper that the Pope’s visit to Iraq in general and Najaf in particular, will be historic and could be invested over the next 20 years, but the preparations so far have not been up to the required level, especially since it is the first for Iraq.

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