‘Intelligence’ record placed inside the mosques of Germany provokes its Muslims

A new decision by politicians in the ruling Christian Union in Germany has angered a large number of Muslims, because of their demand for mosque registration work aimed at opposing Islamic activities in the country.
Media sources, followed by Shiawaves, said that “politicians concerned with internal affairs in the Christian Democratic Union, partner of the ruling coalition in Germany, intend to confront the activities of Muslims in their country.”
They added that “the Christian political group presented a document for discussion before the German Parliament, demanding the introduction of a registry of mosques in conformity with the constitution, which gives German intelligence more powers to intervene in Muslim affairs and limit their activities.”
The representatives of the German parliament (those involved in the work of the document) believe that it is necessary to expand the powers of the Constitution Protection Authority (internal intelligence in Germany) inside the mosques.”
Christian Union politicians claimed in the document that “the Islamic trend affects the thinking and behavior of children, youth and adults.”

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