Netherlands: Extremist party calls for end to the Islamic presence in the country

An initiative presented by the far-right Dutch Freedom Party has sparked widespread controversy, after it called for the establishment of a new ministry to take over the task of eliminating the “Islamic presence” and closing Islamic schools in the country.
The initiative came as part of an electoral program published by the party led by right-wing MP Geert Wilders.
This document confirms, according to the (Euro Times) newspaper, “The party’s endeavor to limit the spread of Islamic ideas in the Netherlands and close the borders to immigrants from Muslim countries, in addition to withdrawing residency permits granted to Syrian refugees.”
The newspaper said, “The extremist party demanded in its program the establishment of the Ministry of Immigration and Reverse Migration and the removal of Islamic appearances, in addition to depriving holders of dual nationality the right to vote.”
It added that “the party’s program includes the ban on any Islamic educational programs, despite the presence of Article 23 of the Constitution, which guarantees the freedom of private education.”

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