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Over 43,000 civilians killed by Saudi-led coalition in Yemen during 2,100 days

The Humanity Eye Center for Rights and Development revealed in a report issued Wednesday that 43,397 civilians were killed during 2,100 days of Saudi-led coalition’s aggressive war on Yemen.
The report indicated that the number of those who have been killed reached 17,042, including 3,804 children and 2,389 women, while the number of wounded reached 26,355, including 4,128 children and 2,801 women.
According to the report, the number of destroyed and damaged facilities in Yemen’s infrastructure reached 9,526, including 15 airports, 16 ports, 305 power stations and generators, and 545 telecommunication networks and stations.
The report confirmed that the coalition intentionally destroyed and targeted 2,181 water reservoirs and networks, 1,974 government installations and 4,490 bridges.
The number of destroyed and damaged economic establishments amounted to 22,913 economic establishments as follows: 393 factories, 289 fuel tankers, 11,365 commercial establishments, and 411 poultry and livestock farms.
The report pointed out that the coalition intentionally destroyed 7,229 transportation means, 463 fishing boats, 899 food stores, 392 fuel stations, 678 markets and 794 food trucks, while the number of destroyed and damaged civilian homes reached 569,283 houses.
The Center’s report revealed that the coalition destroyed 177 university facilities, 1,393 mosques, 366 tourist facilities, 389 hospitals and health facilities, in addition to the destruction and targeting of 1,099 schools and educational centers, 7,005 agricultural fields, 133 sports facilities, 245 archaeological sites and 47 media facilities.

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