Umm al-Baneen Center announces the establishment of a committee to protect Muslim women in Madagascar

The Umm al-Baneen Center for Women, affiliated with the Shirazi Religious Authority in the city of Majunga, Madagascar, announced the establishment of the Committee for the Care of Muslim Women.
In a statement received by Shiawaves, the center stated that this committee will carry out its activities in the name of the “Sayyeda Fatima al-Zahraa Committee”, in the field of defending the rights of Muslim women in Madagascar, and in particular to address violence against women, domestic violence, rape and other social and human rights issues.
The statement added that ceremonies were held, which included a speech by the representative of the Ministry of Women of the Republic of Madagascar and a speech by the Chair of the Committee for the Protection of Muslim Women, in which she explained the importance and necessity of forming such committees, and what was mentioned in the Islamic religion on the practices of violence against women.

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