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Conflict Armament Research releases report showing it’s exquisitely easy to purchase weapons, even for terrorists

A report prepared by the non-governmental organization “Conflict Armament Research” revealed that the terrorist organization “ISIS” obtained its weapons through fake and secret financial transfers and others.
The organization said that the terrorist organization was able, during its control of large areas of Syria and Iraq between 2014-2019, to purchase tons of explosive materials, electronic equipment and drones, without drawing attention and weaving a network distributed in more than 20 countries.
The organization provided many examples that illustrate the method used by the organization to purchase weapons around the world, including a small phone shop to buy six tons of aluminum paste, while a small distributor of Turkish agricultural products paid about 200 thousand dollars to obtain 78 tons of the propellant used in making shells.
Between 2015 and 2017, about 100 cans containing aluminum paste produced in China were found throughout the areas controlled by ISIS.
The organization relied in particular on individuals and family companies that worked as middlemen near the areas under its power, especially in southern Turkey.
The organization indicated in its report, that it is not in a position to prove that these intermediaries acted knowingly, “but they formed essential points of contact in the supply chain” of the organization.
The report reveals the purchase of nitrate fertilizers used in the production of explosives, in addition to rocket and unmanned aircraft fuel.
The organization’s report identified more than 50 companies in more than 20 countries that produced or distributed products used by ISIS militants.
CAR also documented the presence of 28 unmanned aircraft that have been modified to be armed, and the organization has also tried to obtain a visual tracking system, which is a possible component of an automatic anti-aircraft system in the future.

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