Human rights organization calls on France to stop the crackdown on Muslims

The Arab Organization for Human Rights in Britain condemned the French authorities’ intention to launch a massive inspection campaign against mosques in France, in a campaign that the French Interior Minister described as huge and against separatism.
The human rights organization said in a statement that the systematic campaign launched by the French government since the criminal incident that occurred on October 17th, included the arrest of Muslims, the closure of more than 20 mosques and institutions, aims to exacerbate Muslim alienation and fuel hatred inside and outside France.
The organization, based in the British capital, London, indicated that the French government’s policy towards Arabs and Muslims is in harmony with the policies of the extreme right, which calls for the closure of mosques and the imposition of strict control on Muslims, which has fueled hostility to Muslims and increased various attacks on them.
The organization affirmed that the policy of the French government opposes all European Union charters and decisions of the European Court, as well as international laws that affirm the right to freedom of opinion and expression and the freedom to establish and practice religious rites.
French Interior Minister Gerald Dermanin announced a campaign of “wide” measures, including the inspection of 76 mosques, in France, as part of steps against what the French government considers “Islamist separatism.”

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