Christian slam French insults against Islam

Arab Christians on Sunday joined those condemning recent statements by French authorities against Islam and Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his progeny.
On Wednesday, French President Emmanuel Macron said he will not prevent the publishing of insulting cartoons of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his progeny, under the pretext of freedom of expression, a statement that sparked outrage in the Arab and Muslim world.
Jalal Chahda, a senior news anchor, said in a tweet: “I am Jalal Chahda, an Arab Levantine Christian, and I strongly reject and denounce the insult to the Prophet of Islam, the Messenger #Mohammad. Blessings and peace.”
Chahda also attached a photo, saying: “Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace.”
It was followed by comments from his Muslim colleagues praising the tweet.
Ghada Owais, another Christian journalist, re-tweeted Chahda’s tweet, saying: “I refuse to hurt the feelings of Muslims or to generalize terrorism and link it to Islam.”
A Twitter user named Ayman Dababneh said: “Who offends and does not respect my Muslim brothers does not respect me as a Jordanian Christian,” he also attached a photo saying “I am Christian against Islam abuse.”
Michael Ayoub said on Twitter: “I really despise the person [who] insults the religion of another or mocks him or his messengers.”
“What happened in France was a degeneration, and this underscores that they are very far from the teachings of the Bible.”
Over the past few days, France has witnessed the posting of insulting pictures and drawings of the Prophet Muhammad on the facades of some buildings in the country.

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