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The war on Yemen threatens the safe population and increases the number of refugees

International press reports indicate the occurrence of the largest humanitarian catastrophe against civilians in Yemen, who have succumbed to a raging war by the Saudi-led international coalition for more than five years, indicating that this catastrophe does not include the population of Yemeni regions only, but even the Yemeni refugees who fled the country because of the Saudi coalition’s repeated attacks.
These reports, followed by Shiawaves, say that “Up to 166,658 Yemenis have sought refuge in Middle Eastern and North African regions, with 75,758 others who have fled to regions such as Djibouti, Ethiopia and Somalia, since October 14, 2015.”
However, the same reports indicate the contradiction in Saudi Arabia’s treatment of refugees. While it was the reason for their fleeing from their areas of residence and depriving them of a decent life, it claimed that it had prepared special programs to receive Yemeni refugees and create the necessary living conditions for them, indicating that “Yemeni refugees today suffer from the deprivation of opportunities for education and health care, in addition to the lack of suitable job opportunities, which requires a major international effort to confront Saudi attacks to rehabilitate Yemen at various levels and return refugees to their motherland.”

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