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Ahlulbayt Center praises the great efforts made to make the Arbaeen pilgrimage a success

The Ahlulbayt Center, peace be upon them, for Islamic Thought, affiliated with the Shirazi Religious Authority, praised the great efforts made to make the Arbaeen Pilgrimage successful.
A statement by the center stated, “We appreciate the exceptional and blessed efforts of the people of the processions, bodies, institutions and offices of scholars to make the Arbaeen Pilgrimage a success.”
The center said, “As we beseech the Almighty to accept these efforts with his good acceptance, we admire and respect the efforts of the owners of the processions and the service tents and anyone who served in this cause, as well as the security forces that have worked day and night.”
Millions of pilgrims had arrived to the holy city of Karbala to revive the Arbaeen, amidst security and service efforts along the paths taken by pilgrims on foot.

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