Kosovan Shia Muslim says Sufi scholars hide truth of AhlulBait to prevent spreading Shia doctrine

collect as much information and tangible evidence as possible


John Phema, a Kosovan convert into Islam said that Sufi scholars deliberately don’t manifest the truth about AhlulBait, peace be upon them, in several countries such as France due to their fear of Shiite doctrine to be spread.
Phema embraced Shia Islam after embracing Sufism but he was aware of the belief and the humanistic rank of AhlulBait, peace be upon them, adding that there were many facts that were hidden from them. Therefore he felt the need to research in order to be more knowledgeable 
Phema came to Iraq to make pilgrimage to Imam Hussein and other holy Imams.
to collect as much information and tangible evidence as possible to spread in France and to let people know what Karbala is and who Imam Hussein and his brother al-Abbas, peace be upon them, are; those who represent the symbol of sacrifice and loyalty to the religion and belief.
He also mentioned that there is a great number of Sufi people in France who have no knowledge about Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, due to being taught different materials and lack of books on Ahlul-Bait, peace be upon them.

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