Due to climate change, world countries continue to experience scorching temperatures

Many parts of the world are currently experiencing above-average temperatures, with meteorologists attributing these extreme conditions largely to global warming. While some regions are experiencing colder conditions, the majority are enduring significantly warmer than average temperatures.

In North America, about one in five Americans—over 70 million people—are currently under excessive temperature warnings as a high-pressure “heat dome” traps warm air beneath it, according to the BBC, with U.S. weather officials have predicted that temperatures could exceed 38°C (100°F) in the latter half of the week.

Meanwhile, Mexico and southern Texas are dealing with the first named storm of the North Atlantic hurricane season, which has caused three deaths on the Mexican coast.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center has warned of “life-threatening” flooding and mudslides in northeastern Mexico and southern Texas.

At least 125 people have died and thousands more have suffered heatstroke in Mexico since March, when the temperature hit almost 52C on 13 June – the hottest June day ever recorded in the country, The Guardian reported.

Heatwaves have hit Europe earlier than ever this year, with Greece, Cyprus, Türkiye and Italy already hit by extreme heat, with some places seeing temperatures 10C above the seasonal average.

India is also grappling with prolonged heat, leading to record power consumption as residents increase the use of fans and air conditioning, causing power cuts in Delhi.

Water supplies in the city have also been affected. Since India’s summer began in March, dozens have died from the heat, with about 100 deaths reported over a three-day period earlier this month.

Typically hot and humid summers in India have been exceptionally harsh this year, marked by longer, more intense, and frequent heatwaves.

Greece has also reported several deaths amid its earliest recorded heatwave. Authorities have temporarily closed the Acropolis in Athens and shut down schools. Firefighters are currently battling a wildfire on the island of Lesvos.

The widespread and severe heatwaves underscore the growing impact of climate change on global weather patterns. As these extreme conditions continue to affect millions of people worldwide, the urgency for concerted global action on climate change has never been more apparent.

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