More than 1.8M pilgrims perform Hajj rituals this year, Saudi authorities confirm

The Saudi General Authority for Statistics announced on Saturday that the total number of pilgrims reached 1,883,164 this year.

Among them, 1,611,310 pilgrims came from outside the Saudi Kingdom, while the number of pilgrims from inside Saudi, including citizens and residents, reached 221,854.

In its statistical results for Hajj in the year 1445, the Authority indicated that the number of male pilgrims reached 958,137, whereas the number of female pilgrims was 875,027.

Regarding the statistics of pilgrims coming from outside the Kingdom, the Authority clarified that the pilgrims coming from Arab countries constituted 22.3%, while pilgrims from Asian countries, excluding Arab countries, constituted 63.3%.

It added that pilgrims from African countries, excluding Arab countries, was 11.3%, whereas the pilgrims from Europe, America, Australia, and other uncategorized countries was 3.2%.

It is noteworthy that the General Authority for Statistics relied on administrative record data as the main source for issuing statistical data and indicators for the Hajj pilgrimage of 1445 AH-2024.

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