Shia Muslims worldwide observe World Shia Day to address anti-Shia oppression and persecution

Shia Muslims around the world commemorated World Shia Day on Thursday, June 12, as a continuous effort to earnestly combat the injustice and persecution the followers of Ahlulbayt, peace be upon them, face around the world.

This observance comes at a time when extremist groups and dictatorial regimes continue their aggressive campaigns and repressive measures against this essential community, as confirmed by several human rights organizations.

In reports received by Shia Waves Agency, these organizations have stated, “Shia Muslims today constitute a significant part of the global Muslim population, including Twelvers, Zaidis, Ismailis, and Hazaras. Despite their widespread presence around the world, they face racial discrimination, acts of violence, and persecution.”

The statements further mentioned that “Shias are subjected to arrests, and even executions and killings, whether within their home countries or abroad, through orchestrated operations by extremist terrorist groups and governments hostile to Shia existence.”

On this important global occasion, activists and human rights advocates launched a website to commemorate this day, asserting that World Shia Day “aims to address and ultimately end the marginalization and violence against Shia Muslims.”

World Shia Day was initiated by Shia Rights Watch, a non-governmental, non-profit organization based in the United States, dedicated to promoting justice and the rights of Shia Muslims worldwide, and raising public awareness about the violence against Shia Muslims.

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