Activists criticize Saudi authorities for diverting road passing near graves of Infallible Imams in Baqi Cemetery

Activists and bloggers on social media have widely criticized recent actions taken by Saudi authorities to redirect the road passing near the graves of the Imams, peace be upon them, and the honourable companions, in the Baqi Cemetery.

As per their statements, they consider this change to be a form of restriction on visitors to Baqi, altering the original route, thereby making visits to the Imams’ graves more difficult and distant, and obstructing the view of the grave of Sayyeda Umm al-Banin, peace be upon her.

Many activists expressed their displeasure with this move, stating that it adds to a series of measures aimed at reducing access to these sacred sites, adding that that the change makes visiting the graves more challenging and increases the difficulties faced by those wishing to perform these pilgrimages.

Simultaneously, activists criticized the recent cultural activities in the Kingdom, which includes organizing festivals and sports events, pointing out that such activities are not befitting a country that hosts the Two Holy Mosques, Mecca and Medina, and that the authorities should focus on preserving the sanctity of these places and facilitating visits to religious sites.

They expressed their hope that the Saudi authorities would reconsider these decisions and work to improve conditions for visitors instead of complicating them, in a manner that respects religious sanctities and appreciates the spiritual sentiments of Muslims worldwide.

It is noteworthy that these criticisms come at a time when there are increasing demands to rebuild the graves of the Imams in Baqi, to preserve the religious and historical heritage in the Kingdom, and to ensure the freedom of worship and access to sacred sites for all Muslims without obstacles or restrictions.

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